Manakeesh at Khoury’s – The Street Food of Lebanon!

You’ll be delighted to know that Khoury’s serves the beloved Manakeesh, a flatbread commonly topped with melted cheese, za’atar, and tomatoes. If you’re unfamiliar, za’atar is a traditional blend of Lebanese oregano and other spices. In some regions, Manakeesh is modified to include minced meat, making for a filling meal.

Street Food at Lebanon

Street Food at Lebanon – courtesy of

This dish has a rich history as Lebanon’s traditional street food.


Manakeesh at Khoury's

Manakeesh at Khoury’s

Manakeesh can be enjoyed anytime during the day, but it is especially consumed for breakfast. In Lebanon, Manakeesh is consumed in the morning in the same fashion that eggs and bacon are served in America–You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more signature dish!

Naturally, you can fully expect Khoury’s to serve Manakeesh. At Khoury’s, we strive to serve Mediterranean cuisine as it was intended, so you can fully expect the Manakeesh to be served with za’atar, olive oil, and feta cheese. However, a vegan Manakeesh option is also available for those on a diet.

Stop by Khoury’s today to enjoy Manakeesh here in Las Vegas. Catering options are available as well. Please call us for additional information.

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