We welcome you to Khoury’s, Las Vegas’ home of the finest Mediterranean cuisine. We are a family owned restaurant with an interesting story originating back from Lebanon. Of course, you can read about our background by visiting Our Story page.

At Khoury’s, you can enjoy a selection of different dishes, whether it is one of our delicious appetizers, to our savory oven-prepared foods such as the delectable Lahm Bi Ajeen or the Sujuk Pizza.

Fatoosh Salad – Only at Khoury’s

There are vegetarian options too, such as the Fatoosh Salad which has romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, Sumac, and house dressing.

You will find that Khoury’s is a sophisticated yet inviting restaurant, ideal for family get-togethers or business meetings. Despite the event, always know that you are invited to Khoury’s for your next lunch or dinner event. You should be thrilled to know that Khoury’s offer an excellent catering menu as well.

There’s a reason why Khoury’s is always nominated and have won the Best of Las Vegas award in the past. Please remember to vote for Khoury’s if you have had a good experience.

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